Virtual Human Resource Management (VHRM) Program


The dimensions of the Human Resource (HR) crisis in health have been reported in stark terms over the last few years. Despite rising attention to the acute shortage of health care workers, solutions to the human resource crisis are difficult to achieve, especially in the poorest countries. The problem is that the old systems of leading and managing human resources for health do not work in today's context. Only by addressing the underlying Human Resource Management systems can sustainable solutions be achieved.

With this in mind, Management for Sciences Health (MSH) has designed the Virtual Human Resource Management Program (VHRM).

The purpose of the VHRM is to assist Human Resource Management (HRM) teams of four to 10 individuals to assess their current HRM system and develop an action plan to improve it.

The VHRM is structured in five modules. The first module offers a general introduction to the program. Participants will have the opportunity to become familiar with the website and the organization of the program. The next three modules explore the fundamental principles of HRM systems, and will culminate in the creation of the action plan.

During the VHRM, each participating team will develop an action plan. The VHRM facilitators will support the teams in the creation of their plans, providing guidance, giving suggestions, and answering questions.

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