User Experience Analysis of e-TB Manager, a Nationwide Electronic Tuberculosis Recording and Reporting System in Ukraine

Journal Article
  • Niranjan Konduri
  • Kelly Sawyer
  • Nataliya Nizova
ERJ Open Research
May 2017; vol. 3(2): 00002-2017. DOI: 10.1183/23120541.00002-2017.


Ukraine has successfully implemented e-TB Manager nationwide as its mandatory national tuberculosis registry after first introducing it in 2009. Our objective was to perform an end-of-programme evaluation after formal handover of the registry administration to Ukraine's Centre for Disease Control in 2015.

We conducted a nationwide, cross-sectional, anonymous, 18-point user experience survey, and stratified the registry's transaction statistics to demonstrate usability.

Contrary to initial implementation experience, older users (aged >50&;years), often with limited or no computer proficiency prior to using the registry, had significantly better user experience scores for at least six of the 12 measures compared to younger users (aged 18–29&;years). Using the registry for >3&;years was associated with significantly higher scores for having capacity, adequacy of training received and satisfaction with the registry. Of the 5.9&;million transactions over a 4-year period, nine out of 24 oblasts (regions) and Kiev city accounted for 62.5% of all transactions, and corresponded to 59% of Ukraine's tuberculosis burden. There were 437 unique active users in 486 rayons (districts) of Ukraine, demonstrating extensive reach.

Our key findings complement the World Health Organization and European Respiratory Society's agenda for action on digital health to help implement the End TB Strategy.