US Health Investments Moving Haiti toward a Healthy Future


In December 2014, MSH sponsored a delegation of United States congressional staffers (delegates) to Haiti to witness first-hand the health progress made and the work still to be done to achieve a healthy future in Haiti following the devastating 2010 earthquake. The five delegates work on global health or foreign affairs, or have a focus on Haiti, and all expressed interest in seeing the impact of US investments on Haitian reconstruction and health programs.

This study tour provided delegates with a unique opportunity to see the positive impact of US investment at all levels of the Haitian health system. From community-level service delivery to pharmaceutical supply chain management at the national level, the US is working with the Haitian government and civil society to build local capacity and strengthen the country’s health system.

Delegates appreciated the opportunity to meet with Haitian stakeholders at all levels of the health system—from community health workers to Ministry of Health officials. This level of personal interaction helped delegates understand how communities have benefited from foreign assistance and what challenges they still face. Not only did delegates gain a better understanding of progress in the health sector, but they learned how improvements in other sectors will have positive impacts on health outcomes.