Toward Utilization of Data for Program Management and Evaluation: Quality Assessment of Five Years of Health Management Information System Data in Rwanda

Journal Article
  • M. P. Nisingizwe
  • ¬†H. S. Iyer
  • M. Gashayija
  • L. R. Hirschhorn
  • C.¬†Amoroso
  • R. Wilson
  • E. Rubyutsa
  • E. Gaju
  • P. Basinga
  • A. Muhire
  • A. Binagwaho
  • B. Hedt-Gauthier
Glob Health Action
7 (2014): 10.

Health data can be useful for effective service delivery, decision making, and evaluating existing programs in order to maintain high quality healthcare. Studies have shown variability in data quality from national health management information systems (HMIS) in sub-Saharan Africa, which threatens utility of these data as a tool to improve health systems. The purpose of this study is to assess the quality of Rwanda's HMIS data over a 5-year period. Our findings suggest that HMIS data quality in Rwanda has been improving over time. We recommend maintaining these assessments to identify remaining gaps in data quality and that results are shared publicly to support increased use of HMIS data.