The MSH Approach to Improving Global Health Security: An Investment Case


Infectious disease outbreaks devastate communities and cost the world $60 billion a year in response efforts—matching the toll of wars and natural disasters in terms of economic impact and lives lost. Local preparedness is the key to stopping outbreaks at the source. But despite international progress around global health security, many communities remain extremely under-prepared and vulnerable to infectious disease outbreaks. Our unique approach ensures active prevention and constant readiness by working with communities to increase their capacity to identify and report disease threats in human and animal populations — stopping outbreaks at the source. We work with communities to build resilient health systems that, in the event of an outbreak, continue to provide essential quality care and services. We invest in local leadership and increase efficacy and accountability mechanisms for a rapid multisectoral response — resulting in lives saved and economies protected.

Download the full case for investment to learn more about MSH’s innovative approach to Global Health Security.