The cost of an Essential Health Service Package for Northern Syria


The ongoing conflicts in Syria have had a major impact on the health of the population and have also reduced the capacity of health care service delivery to a minimum. Assessments by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicate that the conflict has resulted in fragmentation of the delivery system for essential services which are primarily provided by many different Non-Government Organizations (NGOs).

A major challenge for the service delivery system is the lack of standardized guidelines to support the effective delivery of quality health care services. In response, WHO has led the development of an Essential Health Service Package (EHSP) for northern Syria (WHO/Health Cluster). The package details the preventive and curative health services that are appropriate to address the health needs of the population, taking into account physical and mental trauma effects of the crisis.

This report describes the implementation and results of a study conducted to develop cost estimates for the implementation of the EHSP. The study was conducted using a tool which is intended for use by health partners to help guide planning and management of this implementation, and to help ensure effective resource allocation.