TB Service Delivery Cost Tool


TB is a major problem in many countries and consumes significant external and domestic resources.

The TB Service Delivery Costing Tool was developed to help TB Program Managers have a better understanding of the current and future cost of TB programs to help identify where greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness can be achieved and to help advocate for the provision of adequate funding.  It can also be used to assist with the preparation of grant proposals, such as for the Global Fund.

The tool analyzes program costs based on the national TB treatment algorithm and includes promotion, case finding, diagnosis, treatment, treatment monitoring and management. The model produces total TB program costs and cost per case by program element and by type of resource.

The tool is in Microsoft Excel and is designed to be used by TB Program Managers at national and sub-national levels. It has a guide, is user-friendly and transparent and modifications can be made by the user. Although the tool was developed for TB services, it could be adapted for other vertical programs, such as malaria and HIV/AIDS.  The tool was developed by MSH for USAID’s TB CARE Project in Indonesia but can be used in any country.

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