Systematizing and Sustaining Quality of Care

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The Government of Rwanda’s vision for its health system is that every citizen will consistently use health services that are easily accessible, meet international standards of care, and directly respond to individuals’ perceived and actual needs. Although there have been several initiatives in Rwanda to improve the quality of health care in specific areas such as HIV and maternal health, prior to the launch of the Integrated Health Systems Strengthening Project (IHSSP) in 2009, the country had not undertaken a comprehensive approach to quality improvement in the healthcare system.

The accreditation system and other IHSSP interventions have made a positive impact on the quality of care in Rwanda. Each quarter, the ministry uses a structured checklist to measure facilities’ compliance with treatment guidelines, physical infrastructure, availability of medicines and supplies, and other indicators of service delivery quality. In 2009, health centers’ average score was 85 percent. By 2013, it had increased to 91 percent.