Strengthening health systems through improved leadership, management, and governance: The LMG approach in Côte d’Ivoire

Fact Sheet

Cote d’Ivoire health systems are being decentralized to prioritize decision making at the regional and departmental levels. Through strengthening leadership, management, and governance (LMG) skills of these decision makers, a stronger, self-sufficient system is created to be responsive to local needs. While strong management and transparent governance are building resilient systems that communities trust.

Through its Leadership Development Program Plus (LDP+), MSH is equipping health leaders with skills to identify and overcome barriers that keep them from providing consistent, high-quality health services. This new way of working brings health workers together to work in teams and find solutions to local, shared challenges. In addition to improving health indicators, investment in LMG has helped create enabling work environments, empower health workers, improve the allocation and planning of work, and build responsive systems.