Regional Actors Addressing Human Resources for Health in Africa: Comparative Advantages, Challenges, and Opportunities


Africa has seen a growing trend toward regionalism over the past 10 to 15 years, particularly in its health sector, as emerging health issues demand cross-border coordination and partnerships. Critical to an effective response to health issues is a strong health workforce. Human resources for health is a priority on regional and global health and development agendas and seen as a necessary component of ensuring universal access to quality health care. 

Regional actors have begun to fill a critical space in addressing the human resources for health crisis in Africa. Their organizational structures and influence with constituents make them well placed to play niche, and often complementary roles. Understanding how they operate, including their comparative advantages and challenges, will enable governments, donors, and implementers to more effectively partner with them and leverage one another's full potential. This brief is part of the ASH project Regional Health Sector Actor Landscape Series.