Rebuilding Pharmaceutical Systems in Afghanistan: Assuring Sustainability by Developing Human Resources

Journal Article
  • N. Heidarzad
  • S. Amarkhail
  • S. Hakimyar
  • J. Ehsan
  • N. Ayoobi
  • S. Wong
  • M. Morris
  • T. Wuliji
International Pharmacy Journal
27(1) (June 2011): 25-28.

Following over 30 years of conflict in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Public Health and its partners are rebuilding the pharmaceutical system to provide safe, affordable, and equitable access to medicines. Pharmaceutical system structures and processes are being strengthened; however, developing the pharmacy workforce is critical to ensuring the sustainability of these efforts. The small number of pharmacists and pharmacy assistants available are not able to meet the country's health sector needs. This paper discusses the available workforce and challenges to its development and presents a human resources strategy for the pharmaceutical sector.