Rapid Assessment of the National Essential Medicines List Policy Implementation


USAID’s Safe, Affordable, and Effective Medicines for Ukrainians (SAFEMed) Project supports reforms in managing medicines by strengthening pharmaceutical-sector governance, optimizing pharmaceutical-sector finance, and supporting improved availability and use of essential medicines in Ukraine. SAFEMed, in collaboration with the Government of Ukraine, civil society organizations, other implementing partners, and the private sector, is implementing a health systems approach to improving access to and use of appropriate, safe, affordable, and quality medicines.

The project builds on experience gained in Ukraine through the Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program and its support for the country’s health reforms. In 2018, SAFEMed undertook a rapid assessment to evaluate the process of the changes made in implementing the National Essential Medicines List (NEML) policy in 2017 with the recommendations of the Essential Medicines List Expert Committee (EML EC). The purpose of the rapid assessment was to:

  • Assess the impact of the NEML policy introduction on the medicines procurement system and on the Ministry of Health (MOH), hospitals, health facilities, and patients in Ukraine,
  • Identify NEML policy outcomes and gaps in achieving results, and
  • Provide recommendations for NEML policy improvement