Public Sector Pharmaceutical Services Directory

  • Abdul Hafiz Quraishi
  • Ajmal Yadgari
  • Maria Feroz
  • Aziz Ahmad
  • Asmatullah Fatimi
  • Najia Dehzad
  • Khalid Banazada

Stakeholder communication is necessary for better coordination and control of pharmaceutical supply management (PSM) activities. For that reason, the MoPH’s Coordinated Procurement and Distribution System (CPDS) committed to strengthen leadership, management, and governance of the MoPH and its General Directorate of Pharmaceutical Affairs (GDPA), with the goal of better coordinating stakeholder activities. To this end, the CPDS—with the support of its stakeholders—assigned a taskforce to capture critical information on stakeholders involved in PSM, and to aggregate that information into this Pharmaceutical Services Directory (PSD).