Providing Technical Assistance to the National Medicine and Food Board in Afghanistan to Implement Food Regulations

  • Sandra Smulko

The National Medicine and Food Board (NMFB) was established in 2009, as an advisory board to the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) to advise, coordinate, supervise, and accelerate medicines and food-related activities . . . “to ensure the safety and quality of food products and prevent their unnecessary and unsafe manufacture, importation, distribution, sale, and use”. The TORs of NMFB make room for establishment of an NMFB Food Committee (FC). According to the FAO/WHO classification, the core components for the national food control system should cover five dimensions (Food control management, Food legislation, Food inspection, Official food control laboratories, Food safety and quality information, education, and communication). To accomplish this mission, the FC’s TORs were reviewed. In addition, an implementation plan was developed on the basis of the TORs related to regulation of food products; as the plan was developed, the existing food regulation structure and previous reports and recommendations were also taken into account.