Pro-ACT Success Stories: Building Local Capacity and Strengthening Health Systems


The Prevention and Organizational Systems - AIDS Care and Treatment (Pro-ACT) project strengthens the capacity of Nigeria's public private, and community sectors for sustainable HIV/AIDS and TB prevention, control, care and treatment integrated within the health system. 

Throughout the life span of the project, thousands of beneficiaries, including children, from the eight implementing states have had access to comprehensive services along the continuum of care, involving both public and private health care providers, local nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), community-based civil society organizations (CSOs), volunteers, and religious and other community leaders. Thus far, these interventions have improved the performance of health providers and reached thousands of clients with a wide range of care and treatment services for HIV-infected and affected people and their families. The stories presented in this booklet are a selection of stories of change. They are stories about different individuals in the project states and how they have been impacted, in different ways, by the partnership between MSH Pro-ACT, the donor, the Nigerian government, state governments, and the community.