Pharmaceutical System Strengthening in Uganda: Implementing a Holistic, Evidence-informed, Long-term Strategy

Journal Article
  • Martin Oteba
  • Anita Katharina Wagner
  • Morries Seru
  • Martha Embrey
  • Birna Trap
Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice
2018; Vol. 11: 23. DOI:


A strong pharmaceutical sector is a precondition for effective and efficient health care and financing systems, and thus for achieving the best possible health of a population. Supported by visionary, long-term donor funds, in conjunction with mutual trust, the USAID-funded Securing Ugandans' Rights to Essential Medicines (SURE) and Uganda Health Supply Chain (UHSC) program engaged in a close, more than 10 year-long (in 2018) collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Uganda. Over time, the partnership implemented numerous multi-pronged comprehensive changes in the pharmaceutical sector and conducted research to document successes and failures. We describe the evolution and key characteristics of the SURE/UHSC interventions.