Pharmaceutical Logistics Information System Quarterly Reports

  • Ajmal Sediqi
  • Mohammad Nazir Heidarzad
  • Sayed Mohammad Sajjadi
  • Obaidullah Shahab
  • Mohammad Rafi Hadi
  • Jamshid Sabiri
  • Najia Dehzad
  • Ahmad Seyar Samadi
  • Sara Habibyar
  • Norio Kasahara
  • Mohammad Zafar Omari
  • Shiou-Chu Judy Wang
  • Paul Ickx
  • Zubayer Hussain

To address the lack of pharmaceutical supply information, a Data and Information Committee (DIC) of the CPDS was established and tasked to develop a Pharmaceutical Logistics Information System (PLIS) to gather the information about pharmaceutical procurement, distribution and consumption in the BPHS/EPHS implementers and health facilities. With the support of Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems (SPS) program, the DIC developed a PLIS quarterly reporting form and data analysis system in a Microsoft Excel application, its user manual, macro and micro indicators. The objectives of the PLIS are to inform the value and volume of the medicines that flow through the supply chain in the BPHS/EPHS implementers between central/provincial stores and health facilities; to analyze the consumption pattern; to redistribute the medicines that are near to expire; and to further forecast the need of the medicines and the budget.