Pharmaceutical Logistic Information System (PLIS) Report on the Expansion Testing Phase in all BPHS/EPHS Implementing NGOs

  • Shiou-Chu Judy Wang
  • Sara Habibyar
  • Syed Asmatullah Fatimi
  • Mahbooba Qayumi
  • Mohammad Osman Zaki
  • Paul Ickx
  • Ahmad Jawid Ehsan
  • Ajmal Yadgari
  • Nazir Ahmad Ahmadzad

In Afghanistan, 20 non-governmental organizations are contracted by the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) to provide support to the Basic Package for Health Services and Essential Package for Hospital Services (BPHS/EPHS) in all 34 provinces. The Pharmaceutical Logistics Information System (PLIS) was tested in all these NGOs in all the provinces in September 2013. The PLIS is an attempt to gather key pharmaceutical supply information from all these BPHS/EPHS implementers, which will help the MoPH and the implementers make evidence based decisions for pharmaceutical planning and management. The NGOs reported the value and volume information for all medicines that were available and used in the pharmaceutical supply chain in April, May, and June 2013 from the central and provincial stores, and the BPHS/EPHS health facilities (HFs).