Performance-Based Financing Dashboard



The Performance-Based Financing Dashboard is an effective and user-friendly Excel-based tool that program managers can use to improve oversight and performance of grants and contracts. The tool integrates key performance-based financing functions comprising (1) target setting, (2) tracking of indicator achievements, (3) automated dashboard to visualize quarterly and annual achievements, and (4) automated linkage of achievements to payment invoices.  


The tool is customizable per country context and for each level of the health system that has a role in managing the performance-based financing scheme (central, provincial, district, private sector, etc.). The tool consists of linked spreadsheets that facilitate seamless monitoring of performance-based activity.  Data entry is intuitive with colored cells indicating where data entry is required. The dashboard synchronizes with entered data and produces colored graphs, bars, and numbers to signal performance against targets, reporting timeliness and other management functions. The Grants Manager and his/her team must interpret those signals. This allows managers to focus on the most time-sensitive and critical areas of need. When a warning signal appears—a red light or a low bar indicating delayed reporting or missed targets, for example—the Grants Manager will need to ask questions of the PBF grantee/contractor or investigate to determine whether a problem exists. Then, the Grants Manager will need to work with the grantee/contractor to decide what to do to resolve the problem or accelerate performance.  The PBF Dashboard can be adapted to fit any country context and granting and/or contracting program

Developed By

The dashboard feature was first developed by the USAID-funded Grants Management Solutions Project. The Dashboard has received international recognition and adoption by the Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) and can be found on the Global Fund website. The other features of the tool were developed and piloted in Uganda, and South Sudan, by Management Sciences for Health. 

Intended Users

Performance-based financing program planners and managers 


The tool has been implemented in Liberia and is being used by the Ministry of Health and Social Work at the central and county levels. 


The User Guide is available in English.

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