Options for an Accountability Framework for Universal Health Coverage: Consultation Report


On the eve of the 69th World Health Assembly, MSH and The Rockefeller Foundation release this progress report on the work of many organizations to develop concrete measurements of UHC progress – for both access to basic care and its affordability to all. If we are to meet the SDG UHC target by 2030, we need commonly agreed measures to aid us in charting progress country by country, to celebrate success, to make adjustments when we fall short, and to hold ourselves – all of us – accountable for achieving SDG 3.8. And UHC progress, as we know, facilitates the achievement of the other SDG health targets. This report helps point the way forward to completing this important work.

This report summarizes the responses received through a public consultation on the UHC Accountability Options Paper that took place between December 2015 and February 2016. This was part of a Management Sciences for Health project to strengthen accountability for UHC, supported by The Rockefeller Foundation and implemented with partners. Approximately 100 people participated in the consultation (online and at events held in Montreux and Bangkok) from all regions and a wide range of constituencies.