Nigerian National Pharmacogilance Policy and Implementation Framework


MSH’s collaborative work with government entities–the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and the National Product Supply Chain Management Programme (NPSCMP)–enabled both regulatory bodies to improve the safety and quality of medicines in the supply chain system. This was achieved through the review of the country’s existing pharmacovigilance policy, which was due for review since 2018. In updating this vital framework, MSH collaborated with the NAFDAC and NPSCMP to address gaps in the pharmacovigilance policy and to reflect current best practices in line with WHO guidelines. A key expectation of this framework is that it will help the national regulatory bodies mitigate risks associated with medicine use, and as such, build trust in medicines, vaccines, and technologies among the Nigerian populace. The implementation framework of the policy is also designed to ensure easy integration of medicines’ safety monitoring practices into the overall health care delivery system since it sets out clear targets that encourage collaboration and cooperation among stakeholders, which is particularly important as COVID-19 vaccines are introduced and monitored.