National Inspection Checklist for Pharmaceutical Wholesalers

  • Mohammad Zafar Barry
  • Sayed Asadullah Akhlaqizada
  • Sayed Nazir Hussain Hashemi
  • Mir Padshah Zohori
  • Muhammad Naeem Yaqoby
  • Mohammad Ibrahim Arab
  • Mohammad Hanif Nabavi
  • Zekria Fatehzada
  • Mohammad Asef Yari
  • Mohammad Osman Zaki

To ensure that the inspection of pharmaceutical wholesalers is carried out with good standard, MOPH initiated the development of the wholesalers’ inspection checklist to guide the inspectors. The objective of using the checklist for inspection is to enforce the implementation of the relevant law and regulations by the pharmaceutical wholesalers for ensuring the quality and safety of their practices and the pharmaceuticals during procurement, storage, and distribution of medicines, and for delivering high-quality services to the population.