MSH: Bringing Health Care Closer to Home


In most low-income countries, when people are sick enough to seek treatment, their first stop is usually a drug seller— an unlicensed drug seller. Too often, the medicine they receive is poor quality or costly—or even the wrong drug altogether. They stay sick, or worse, die from receiving the wrong drug. It doesn't have to be that way.

Ten years ago, to tackle the chaos of unlicensed drug sellers, MSH teamed up with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a visionary minister of health, a bold chief pharmacist, and a progressive private sector. The result was an innovative public- private partnership to create community drug shops, Accredited Drug Shops.

Starting inTanzania,and now spreading to Uganda,Liberia,and Zambia,these community health shops provide affordable treatment to nearly 36 million people in Africa. It’s sustainable: MSH and its partners make the initial investment and provide support—the community Accredited Drug Shop owners build a profitable business.

We are halfway to achieving our original goal: to bring access to lifesaving prevention and treatment to 36 million more people, particularly in rural areas worldwide.

We need more Accredited Drug Shops. Lots more.

Please join us in scaling this sustainable social enterprise to bring quality essential medicines and services to millions.