MSH’s Organizational Synthesis of Capacity Assessments for Award Readiness (OSCAR)


Strengthening a country’s capacity to lead its own development is a cornerstone of the United States Government’s foreign assistance efforts. As a prerequisite to receiving direct funding assistance, donors, such as USAID, must assess an organization’s management and systems readiness for the responsible stewardship of funds. MSH created a new tool that synthesizes USAID’s Non-US Organizations Pre-Award Survey (NUPAS) and Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) tools, while additionally evaluating critical sustainability factors. The Organizational Synthesis of Capacity Assessments for Award Readiness—OSCAR—tool is a comprehensive instrument designed to provide a general overview of organizational capacity and a specific read of an organization’s ability to receive and absorb direct donor funding. Applied using an evidence-based, participatory process, OSCAR allows local partners to use the findings to identify areas in which they require additional support to build their capabilities.

Contact Information:

Judith Seltzer, Senior Director Special Projects,

R. Alexandra Emilien, Senior Advisor for Governance and Capacity Building, USAID Haiti Health Leadership Project,

Georges Dubuche, Chief of Party, USAID Haiti Health Leadership Project,