Marketing Your Organization's Services

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Health organizations are increasingly functioning in a marketplace where other health organizations offer similar services to overlapping populations. As a result of such competition for users, more and more organizations are turning to marketing to help them both to identify and better serve their target populations’ needs and to increase and sustain demand for their services. Through a comprehensive approach to marketing, they can achieve optimal use of their resources, increase their income, and help to ensure long-term organizational sustainability.

This issue of The Manager explains the role of marketing in achieving an organization’s goals and in increasing demand for services. It discusses key marketing principles and strategic questions that managers should consider when deciding whether to embark on a marketing program. It suggests steps for laying the groundwork for a comprehensive marketing program with a marketing team and deciding where to focus marketing efforts. The issue also offers strategies an organization can use to strengthen its mix of marketing elements: product, population, price, place, production, and promotion. Implementing the right mix of these elements through a marketing plan can help an organization build a mutually satisfying relationship with its clients, the groups that purchase its services, and its supporting community.