Managers Who Lead Toolkit—Resources to Support Managers Who Lead


This toolkit provides managers and facilitators with exercises, tools, and guidelines to improve managers’ skills in leading and managing teams and strengthening individual and team performance to produce results.

This toolkit is part of Managers Who Lead: A Handbook for Improving Health Services. (See below for ordering information.) The handbook is designed to empower health managers at all levels of the health system to lead teams to face challenges and achieve results.

The toolkit contains 38 exercises and tools complete with step-by-step guidelines and handouts for facilitating small or large group work. These exercises and tools help people practice leadership and management skills and strengthen individual and team performance.

Intended users:
Managers who lead at all levels; in public, private, and nongovernmental organizations.

Developed by:
Management Sciences for Health, 2005.

The exercises and tools have been used in Nicaragua, Guinea, Kenya, Egypt, Guyana, Senegal, and Mozambique between the years 2002—2005.

Each tool or exercise includes the instructions and handouts to make it immediately usable in small or large groups.

The Managers Who Lead Handbook is designed so that you can use the sections that apply to your needs, without reading the book from cover to cover.

Some exercises may require an experienced facilitator.

Recommendations for users:
Read instructions for each exercise or tool before implementing. Practice leading the exercise once or twice with a small group to experience the flow.