HOSPICAL: A Tool for Allocating Hospital Costs


LeaderNet.orgHOSPICAL: A Tool for Allocating Hospital Costs can help improve a hospital’s performance and enhance its financial sustainability. Managers who use this practical tool will find it a tremendous aid in analyzing current costs and revenues, comparing efficiency, and forecasting what those figures would be if hospital services are expanded or modified. This tool used to calculate cost projections at the hospital level. HOSPICAL has been used recently in several countries, such as Rwanda, Afghanistan, Liberia, Cambodia and Burundi. In Rwanda HOSPICAL was enhanced to estimate the costs of Diagnosis-Related Groups which will be used to calculate insurance reimbursement rates under the Community-Based Health Insurance scheme and other Government insurance schemes.

HOSPICAL is designed to be user-friendly and is open-source and easily adapted. The tool consists of an electronic spreadsheet file, data collection forms, and a step-by-step User’s Guide.

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