HIV Testing for Children in Resource-Limited Settings: What Are We Waiting For?

Journal Article
  • Scott Kellerman
  • Shaffiq Essajee
PLoS Medicine
7 (7) (July 2010): e1000285. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1000285.

Summary Points

  • Expansion of prevention of mother-to-child transmission in resource-limited settings remains a challenge.
  • In many countries, most HIV-exposed infants do not benefit from PMTCT programs, which results in a 30% or more transmission rate.
  • Vertically infected infants not diagnosed in the context of PMTCT are rarely diagnosed until symptomatic with HIV, resulting in increased morbidity and mortality.
  • Infant and pediatric testing programs are needed until PMTCT challenges are overcome or universal treatment of HIV-infected pregnant women becomes the norm.