Health Systems Strengthening: Stronger Health Systems, Healthier Families and Communities

Vaccinating a child or helping a pregnant woman safely deliver a healthy baby may seem to be just a simple transaction between a health care provider and a patient. In reality, providing quality health care to someone who needs it requires a complex web of organizations, individuals, processes, and actions that, together, make up a health system. When the health system doesn’t work well, patients and families too often have nowhere else to turn. When it does work, more women and children survive and thrive. 
At the foundation of MSH's work—at every level of the health system from national to district, facility, and community—are four key areas that are essential to progress in developing integrated, equitable, people-centered health systems that work: Leadership, management, & governance; health financing; access to medicines and pharmaceutical supplies; and data, information, and evidence-based decision making.
This 4-page brochure describes how MSH partners with countries to build strong, resilient, sustainable health systems that can deliver universal health coverage—equitable, affordable access to high-quality health services for all who need them.