HCSM Recap: March 2014-August 2014

HCSM Recap: Bi-Annual Newsletter
March 2014-August 2014

This third issue of the Newsletter - HCSM Recap, builds upon previous editions in bringing out the latest global best practices in commodity management, supply chain and health systems strengthening. It puts Kenya experiences into global perspective as well as bringing out issues pertaining to the unique county set up. The MSH/HCSM program in is in its fourth, out of five years of USAID award, and as such, its current focus is in tackling issues pertaining program sustainability and finalizing deliverables in partnership with MOH and others and it forms the main theme of this edition of the newsletter. It still maintains all its salient features such as highlighting national and regional activities to support Malaria, Reproductive Health, HIV, pharmaceutical and laboratory services. The ultimate aim is to ensure robust systems are put in place at the exit of the program, to assure the country of sustained availability of high quality medicines for all Kenyans.