Functional Analysis of the General Directorate of Pharmaceutical Affairs

  • Mohammad Zafar Omari
  • Ahmad Farid Sarwary
  • Wahidullah Karwar
  • Abdul Tawab Khitab
  • Ahmad Jawid Ehsan
  • Mohammad Basir
  • Paul Ickx
  • Andy Barraclough
  • William Newbrander
  • Mark Morris

The General Directorate of Pharmaceutical Affairs (GDPA) operates within the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) in Afghanistan and is the prime body for managing pharmaceutical activities within the country in both the public and private sectors. MOPH recognizes the current difficulties on essential medicines and wishes to see a harmonized and integrated approach with a nationally coordinated methodology for ensuring effective management and control of pharmaceutical substances and activities. To this end, GDPA wishes to undertake reform, reorganization, and development of its functions to fulfill its overall mission, but recognizes that it has limited resources with which to address such major realignments and on-going needs. A natural first step in determining the nature and extent of the development and assistance required by GDPA is to map and identify those particular areas and activities that may require support and assistance to achieve their goals. To this end, the technique of functional analysis was chosen to provide the necessary data and analysis.