Ethiopia's Experience on Scaling up Latent TB Infection Management for People Living with HIV and Under-five Child Household Contacts of Index TB Patients

Journal Article
  • Blen Ayele Kebede
  • Lelisa Fekadu
  • Degu Jerene
Journal of Clinical Tuberculosis and Other Mycobacterial Diseases
2018: Vol. 10, pp. 29-31. DOI:


Management of latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) is one of the globally recommended key strategies to end tuberculosis. However, there is limited experience with translation of global recommendations into action at country levels. We present Ethiopia's experience in implementing LTBI management. Our objective is to share promising practices, existing opportunities and to suggest specific steps required for further scale up of the services. Our report is based on synthesis of data from secondary sources including official routine reports of Ministry of Health, materials presented at review meetings, and findings from supervisory visits to districts and health facilities. Our results suggest that Ethiopia has made significant strides toward strengthening LTBI management in people living with HIV and among under-five-year-old household contacts of TB patients. The use of contact investigation as entry point for LTBI management could be taken as best practice. More effort is needed to further strengthen implementation of LTBI management, and it should be supported through context-specific implementation and operational research activities.