Engaging the Corporate Sector to Strengthen Health Services in Uganda

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STRIDES for Family Health built on this momentum when it began activities in Uganda two years later. STRIDES contributed to the Ugandan Government’s goal of improving the health of families and communities by reducing fertility and lowering maternal, newborn, infant, and child morbidity and mortality.

In reaching out to the corporate sector, STRIDES believed that the well-being of communities was important for businesses’ prosperity. Many businesses in Uganda are already making investments in community, environment, and health as part of their CSR portfolios, representing an opportunity for STRIDES to encourage investments to support health services.

Through partnerships with 18 private international and local companies and organizations that contributed cash and in-kind contributions of $9.5 million, STRIDES expanded services and promoted program sustainability by establishing local ownership and public-private partnerships to maintain interventions after the project closed. These partnerships strengthened health facilities, supported community-based programs, and fostered innovations that increased access to improved health services for underserved communities in 15 districts.