Developing Effective Leaders for Stronger Health Systems


For more than 40 years, Management Sciences for Health (MSH) has been working around the world to bridge the gap between what is known about public health and what is actually practiced. We believe that strengthening health systems is the most sustainable way of improving health and saving lives. We apply our expertise across the health care system as a whole, recognizing the interconnected parts that must be aligned to be effective: the health workforce, equipment, supplies, medicines, transport, facilities, information, training and education. Strong health systems require good governance, strong management, and committed leadership.

Our leadership development programs incorporate the following beliefs and principles:

  • Leadership is a set of practices, behaviors, and skills that can be learned
  • Adults learn best when new concepts and skills are applied to real life challenges
  • Everyone, at all levels of the hierarchy, can lead and learn to lead better
  • Leadership development is a process that takes time
  • Learning new skills and behaviors requires frequent feedback and support
  • Leadership skills and behaviors are practiced by individuals in a team

MSH’s approach has assisted donors, governments, civil society groups, and individuals to strengthen health sector leadership. As one family planning manager from a national health directorate explains, “Before the LDP, we had a directorate where each person had his own work to do; after the training, everyone wants to engage each other, and integrate to move forward in one direction.”

This brochure on MSH leadership programs is available in three languages:

  • English: "Developing Effective Leaders for Stronger Health Systems"
  • French: "Former des Leaders Efficaces pour des Systèmes de Santé Plus Solides"
  • Spanish: "Desarrollo de Líderes Efectivos para el Fortalecimiento de los Sistemas de Salud"