Cost and Staffing Projection Tool



The Cost and Staffing Projection Tool is used to estimate the costs of achieving health worker staffing targets, comprising salaries and pre-service training costs.


In 2009-10, MSH conducted a cost analysis of Malawi’s six-year Emergency Human Resource Programme (EHRP). The EHRP, primarily funded by DfID, was designed to address the health crisis in Malawi, which was largely caused by an acute shortage of professional workers in the public health sector. The costs of the EHRP were assessed, as well as the effectiveness of the programme, by measuring increases in service delivery coverage that resulted from improved staff recruitment and retention, and calculating the number of lives saved (using the LiST tool) that resulted from the coverage increases. In addition, MSH developed the Cost and Staffing Projection Tool to provide Malawi’s MOH with a simple tool to project the human resources for health needs based on staff to population ratios, and calculate the cost of training and paying these staff. 

Developed By

The tool was developed by MSH for the Malawi Ministry of Health. 

Intended Users

MOH and implementing partners’ human resource for health planners and managers.


The tool has been used in Malawi.


The tool is available in English.