Collaboration and Ownership: Our Only Weapons in the Fight against Microscopic Enemies

Journal Article
  • Sylvia Vriesendorp
  • Najibullah Habib
  • Sallie Craig Huber
7 (3) (2006)

As a recent international conference initiated and hosted by Afghanistan showed, there is no substitute for collaborative action fuelled by a common vision – and when it comes to eradicating the six deadliest diseases in the world today (HIV/AIDS, malaria, cholera, polio, tuberculosis and avian influenza), political boundaries and territorial conflicts become irrelevant. The fact is that communicable diseases know no boundaries and make no distinctions among their victims.

Accordingly, the only way to combat them will be an approach that links specialists from all global regions in a co-operative attempt to rid the planet of these scourges and save the lives of millions of individuals who succumb to them daily.