Clinic Supervisor's Manual



The purpose of this manual is to provide a set of flexible, adaptable tools, and guidelines to support supervisors in their role of improving the quality of care in the clinics. It is especially helpful for focusing managers on the key elements of integrated primary health care as they simultaneously integrate new interventions for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.

The Clinic Supervisor’s Manual contains 12 sections. Section 1 explains how to use the manual. Section 2 helps the clinic supervisors organize their supervisory visit. The remainder of the sections focus on a number of key areas during a clinic supervision visit. These areas include:

  • Clinic administration
  • Information systems
  • Referral systems
  • Use of standard treatment guidelines
  • Community participation
  • National norms and standards for eight health areas
  • In-depth health program review
  • Clinical tips for training
  • Problem solving

For each of these sections, there is also an introductory explanation followed by guidelines, checklists, and other supervisory tools that are being recommended. This format allows presentation of a large number of specific and useful tools that supervisors can adapt and use during a supervisory visit.

Intended Users:

It is intended for anyone involved with clinic supervision or clinic performance improvement within the public and private sector.

Developed by:

EQUITY Project in 2003 in Bisho, South Africa


Materials provided in the manual have been field tested in nine provinces at the health district level in South Africa


This manual is very comprehensive and detailed. It provides clear guidance and structure to supervision process. It also provides great examples that can be adapted for use in different situations.


Supervisors need to have some experience with clinic supervision or structured system of supervision for effective application to occur.

Recommendations for Users:

It is recommended that the users understand the system and structure of supervision in the specific locale and make necessary adaptations or extract the necessary components from the manual suitable for local use.

Reports and Publications:

EQUITY Project annual reports and final project report
Supporting Materials:
Download Guidelines for preparation of a Provincial Policy on Clinic Supervision (May 2003) in PDF

Download Guideline for trainers on points to emphasize during training in PDF




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