Child Health Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

To increase the coverage of routine services including immunizations and the roll-out of essential medicines and vaccines, MSH works with national and subnational governments through key approaches that strengthen local health systems. We mobilize the community, educate the public, and eliminate social and financial barriers to increase demand for immunizations and other essential services within the population. At the same time, we strengthen community outreach and immunization services in government and private health facilities, and work with countries to strengthen their pharmaceutical systems to ensure sustainable access to and appropriate use of essential medicines and related pharmaceutical services.

MSH works at the global level and with national and local governments, health care providers, and community health workers to improve case management of childhood pneumonia, diarrhea, and malaria. This includes use of oral rehydration solution and zinc for diarrhea treatment in communities; use of antibiotics, particularly amoxicillin, for uncomplicated pneumonia and inpatient care for severe pneumonia; and artemisinin-based combination therapy for children who test positive for malaria.