Building Stronger, Healthier Communities: Success Stories from the Integrated Health Project Plus in the Democratic Republic of Congo


A man learns the importance of educating his daughters. Community-based distributors increase family planning method use. Well-stocked community care sites save children’s lives. A successful fistula repair operation gives a woman back her dignity and standing in her community. These inspiring stories of challenge, hope, and positive change recognize the efforts of health care providers, community health workers, local authorities, and the Congolese people themselves to save lives and improve the health of their families and communities, through the support of the USAID-funded Integrated Health Project Plus (IHPplus). This three-year project was implemented in the Democratic Republic of Congo from June 2015 to June 2018 by MSH and Overseas Strategic Consulting, Ltd. under a subcontract via Pathfinder/Evidence to Action. IHPplus was designed to avoid a gap in services in USAID-supported health zones upon completion of the USAID Health Office’s five-year flagship Integrated Health Project (IHP) in 2015. The two major project components were direct support for service delivery and health systems strengthening activities.