Building Momentum for Malaria Vaccine Research and Development: Key Considerations

Journal Article
  • Chetan E. Chitnis
  • David Schellenberg
  • Johan Vekemans
  • Edwin J. Asturias
  • Philip Bejon
  • Katharine A. Collins
  • Brendan S. Crabb
  • Socrates Herrera
  • Miriam Laufer
  • N. Regina Rabinovich
  • Meta Roestenberg
  • Adelaide Shearley
  • Halidou Tinto
  • Marian Wentworth
  • Kate O'Brien
  • Pedro Alonso
Malaria Journal
Nov. 2020; 19 (421). DOI:
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To maintain momentum towards improved malaria control and elimination, a vaccine would be a key addition to the intervention toolkit. Two approaches are recommended: (1) promote the development and short to medium term deployment of first generation vaccine candidates and (2) support innovation and discovery to identify and develop highly effective, long-lasting and affordable next generation malaria vaccines.