Afghanistan Medicines Sampling and Testing - A Quantitative Survey

  • Inua Yusuf
  • David Lee
  • Zakeria Fatehzada
  • Wahidullah Karwar
  • Mark Morris
  • Mohammad Zafar Omari
  • Aisha Noorzaee
  • Tom Layloff

The Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), with technical assistance from the Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems (SPS) Program, carried out a survey of medicines quality in Afghanistan. The survey was conducted for the MoPH to determine whether medicines in the public and private sectors of Afghanistan comply with established international pharmacopeial standards. The findings of this quantitative survey, together with the findings of a separately conducted qualitative medicines quality assurance assessment survey in Afghanistan, will lead to the development of policies and strategies for a sustainable medicines quality assurance system for the country.