Advancing Global Health Security: A Focus on Health Systems

Fact Sheet

Strong and resilient health systems are essential for accelerating progress toward a world safe from the threat of infectious disease outbreaks. In countries with robust health systems, essential health services are delivered within the context of ongoing response activities, and outbreaks can be prevented or identified and contained quickly. This limits the impact on human life and reduces significant national, regional, and global economic costs. Countries with weak health systems, stretched to function well beyond their limited capacity, cannot withstand sudden shocks, and an outbreak can take hold and spread rapidly.

For more than 45 years, Management Sciences for Health has helped countries prevent, rapidly detect, and respond effectively to global health threats. Emphasizing the critical importance of leadership and governance to stronger health security, MSH supports national and local partners in enhancing the speci c components of the health system that are most important for epidemic prevention and response, including the quality and safety of service delivery, infection prevention and control, community engagement, a skilled and motivated health workforce, robust health information systems, and an effective supply chain and pharmaceutical management.