A Guide for Implementing the Monitoring-Training-Planning (MTP) Approach to Build Skills for Pharmaceutical Management


For decades, Management Sciences for Health (MSH) has been instrumental in developing and conducting pharmaceutical management training in developing countries all over the world. Traditional training approaches often transfer much information in lengthy, intensive sessions and can remove participants from their place of work for a week or more. In addition, evidence from research has shown that traditional training methods alone do not always lead to improvement in practice. In the mid-1980s, recognizing the limitations of traditional training and that the knowledge and skills acquired are not necessarily applied back in the workplace, MSH developed the Monitoring, Training, Planning (MTP) approach to assist the Ecuadorian Ministry of Health to implement its Child Survival Program. Subsequently in 1997, MSH’s Rational Pharmaceutical Management (RPM) Project received funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to adapt MTP to assist the Ecuadorian Ministry of Health to decentralize its pharmaceutical management functions.