A Gastric Resident Drug Delivery System for Prolonged Gram-level Dosing of Tuberculosis Treatment

Journal Article
  • Malvika Verma
  • Karan Vishwanath
  • Feyisope Eweje
  • Niclas Roxhed
  • Tyler Grant
  • Macy Castaneda
  • et al.
Science Translational Medicine
2019; Vol. 11: eaau6267. DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aau6267.


Multigram drug depot systems for extended drug release could transform our capacity to effectively treat patients across a myriad of diseases. For example, tuberculosis (TB) requires multimonth courses of daily multigram doses for treatment. To address the challenge of prolonged dosing for regimens requiring multigram drug dosing, we developed a gastric resident system delivered through the nasogastric route that was capable of safely encapsulating and releasing grams of antibiotics over a period of weeks. Initial preclinical safety and drug release were demonstrated in a swine model with a panel of TB antibiotics. We anticipate multiple applications in the field of infectious diseases, as well as for other indications where multigram depots could impart meaningful benefits to patients, helping maximize adherence to their medication.