US President's Malaria Initiative for States Project

Project Overview

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) issued an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contract for the US President's Malaria Initiative for States (PMI-S) Project to MSH on June 29, 2018. This project will contribute to the vision of Nigeria’s National Malaria Elimination Program of having “a malaria-free Nigeria”, and the PMI 2015–2020 goal of reducing malaria-associated mortality by reducing the incidence of severe malaria and associated complications. The goal of PMI-S is to contribute to the reduction of all causes of under-five and maternal mortality by delivering quality services for the management of malaria and its complications and the prevention of malaria during pregnancy.

The four main objectives of PMI-S are to: 

  • Increase malaria test rates from 30% (2014 HMIS) to 85%


  • Provide appropriate malaria treatment according to the national treatment guidelines in at least 85% of parasitological confirmed malaria cases


  • Increase the number of pregnant women receiving three or more doses of intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy (IPTp) through Directly Observed Therapy with sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine or any other World Health Organization-approved drugs at antenatal clinics or at the community level through community IPTp from the 2013 NDHS level of 5.8% to at least 80%


  • Increase access to appropriate treatment of malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea by 50% over 2015 levels in selected local government authorities through the integrated community case management approach

Project Team