MEASURE Evaluation

Project Overview

The MEASURE Evaluation project, which began in 1998, is USAID's flagship monitoring and evaluation project. It was established based on the premise that generating demand for and improving the use of data in policy formulation, program planning, and monitoring and evaluation improves health systems, which in turn affects health outcomes. MSH joined the MEASURE team in Phase III to provide leadership and organizational development support for monitoring and evaluation, and health information systems to improve health service delivery and health outcomes. MSH continues that support in Phase IV.

MEASURE Evaluation Phase IV improves health information systems (HIS), including data collection, reporting, analysis, and use, and HIS management. In addition to monitoring and evaluation, the project focuses on strategic information, the institutionalization of tools, and developing the capacity of local partners to perform impact evaluations.

MSH's role in the project is to deliver technical assistance in organizational development, which includes leadership, management, and governance development, planning, organizational assessments, management systems improvement, and resource management. The goal is to remove obstacles to a health information system's effectiveness and efficiency, and to establish or strengthen an enabling environment for HIS implementation, operation, and sustainability.

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