Leadership, Management and Sustainability Project in Kenya

Project Overview

On April 16, 2010, the USAID awarded MSH the Leadership, Management and Sustainability Program/ Kenya Associate Award (LMS/Kenya).  LMS/Kenya is a five-year program (2010-2015) which supports public-sector institutions of the health system, NGOs, FBOs in the health sector, and other USAID partners to strengthen leadership and management capabilities at the national, provincial, district, and community levels to improve access to and use of quality health services and thereby improve the health of the Kenyan population.

LMS/Kenya contributes to Result 1 of the new USAID Strategic plan for 2010-2015 of strengthened leadership, management and governance for sustained health programs through three intermediate results namely:  

  • Leadership development
  • Improved management systems
  • Governance support
  • Priority hospital reforms
  • Institutionalization of leadership and management
  • Senior leadership and mentoring program