Leadership, Management, and Governance Project in Benin

Project Overview

The LMG/Bénin Project (July 2013-September 2015) worked to strengthen leadership, management, and governance (L+M+G) capacity of health managers, leaders, and teams to implement health programs, targeting mid- and upper-level leadership and management. The LMG/Bénin Project worked with the Bénin Ministry of Health (MOH) leadership to strengthen:

  • Technical skills in health services, 
  • L+M+G skills, 
  • Ethics and values of compassion, accountability, and transparency, and
  • Behaviors that demonstrate these skills and values.

The LMG/Bénin Project achieved three main objectives:

  1. Strengthening governance practices such as advocacy, policy formulation, regulation, and information-sharing at the highest levels of the MOH;
  2. Developing L+M+G practices of health leaders and managers at central and decentralized structures of the MOH and in the private sector; and
  3. Strengthening the institutional capacity of a competitively selected, local training institution.

The Project helped implement policies on pharmaceutical procurement (specifically anti-malarial drugs), reproductive health, malaria, and childhood immunization. The LMG/Bénin Project also provided technical assistance to the MOH for developing and validating a National Gender Mainstreaming Strategy. The Project supported the development and validation of the strategy and related documents and facilitated a national gender audit of health care personnel throughout the system. The MOH and partners, including USAID, Belgian Cooperation, the World Bank, the United Nations Development Program, the United Nations Population Fund, and the WHO completed and validated the strategy and began to disseminate it.

In addition to working with the MOH, the Project strengthened the L+M+G abilities of local and regional NGOs and private-sector health organizations, including the Réseau des ONG Béninois en Santé (ROBS) and the Ordre des Pharmaciens, respectively. For example, the Project provided training to the ROBS – a local training institution – in strategic planning, visioning, and governance through a series of workshops and coaching visits. As a result, ROBS developed a vision and strategic plan with executive members and all members of its ROBS network.The organization also developed strategies to improve its governance. With its increase in capacity, ROBS was able to strengthen relationships with technical and financial partners, as well as with the MOH, and to obtain new financial support for its work.