Integrated Community Case Management Cost & Financing Analysis & Model Development

Project Overview

Project Goal: To develop and test a model that program planners and managers can use to assess the costs and financing of introducing and expanding Integrated Community Case Management Cost and Financing Analysis and Model Development (iCCM) programs in developing countries.

TRAction awarded funding to MSH to develop an iCCM cost/finance model based upon research conducted in Malawi, Rwanda, and Senegal. Country reports will detail the cost and finance results derived by using the model, and analysis on model development. Remote field testing will then be conducted in countries to ensure that the model is user friendly and applicable to a wide range of settings.

Key Activities

  • Develop an iCCM Cost and Financing Model prototype and an accompanying user’s guide.
  • Conduct research in three countries to inform, develop, adapt and refine the tool; collect data; and get feedback from key stakeholders.
  • Field test the model in two additional countries, with only remote technical assistance, to ensure the tool’s usability.
  • Finalize the model, user’s guide, and data collection instrument.
  • Disseminate the model and results, develop a report for publication, and provide follow-up support to new tool users.
  • Tool and country results will also be presented at various international public health conferences. 

Project Team