Improving the Performance of Nurses in Upper Egypt

Project Overview

While the Egyptian health system is characterized by an extensive infrastructure, an adequate number of physicians and nurses, medical technology and medicines, and good access to care, there still exists poor quality of care. The Improving the Performance of Hospital Nurses (IPHN) project works with the Ministry of Health (MOH) to address this challenge.

The IPHN program is building the leadership and management capacity of government hospital nurses to enable the staff to improve infection control, basic nursing care, and communication. The program is enabling nurses to adhere to national indicators for infection control.

The program is being implemented in three governorates in Upper Egypt (Aswan, Luxor and Qena).

The objective is to improve the services and health outcomes of hospitals and primary health care units in five Upper Egypt Governorates (Aswan, Luxor, Qena, Assiut, and Sohag) by improving the performance of hospital and primary health care nurses to lead and manage their teams to address their challenges and achieve measurable results in four focus areas:

infection control, basic nursing care, communication between health care providers and patients, and a new emphasis on other primary health care service delivery challenges related to the primary health care package of services, particularly integrated family planning, reproductive health and maternal and child health services.